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T.M. International School of Horsemanship
Established 1982
Sunrising Riding Centre

"This is a caring school, where pupils are well taught and looked after."
Inspector Jane Goldsmith, Fellow of the B.H.S.

Henwood, Near Liskeard
Cornwall. PL14 5BP.
Telephone: (01579) 362895
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CAPT. E.W.R. MOORE, PRINCIPAL International Instructor, Int Stable Mgr.(B.H.S. Regd.)  



Riding Lessons and Hacking out on the Moors For those on holiday in our area, or local residents interested in riding lessons or in riding out on Bodmin Moor, or activities for children.

Riding Holidays (including ENGLISH LANGUAGE LESSONS if required). For instructional residential riding holidays for adults, families and unaccompanied youngsters of 12 years and upwards.

Training for an Equestrian Career

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For Potential Working Pupils (students) who are U.K. citizens, citizens of other E.U. countries, or other parts of the world.

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FOR YOUNGSTERS STILL AT SCHOOL but living near enough to come to our Centre for Equestrian training on a day-release basis please telephone Captain Ted Moore.


The purpose of this scheme is to allow both British and foreign students the opportunity to study and work together in England so that, while improving their riding ability, knowledge of horse care and stable management, students can also learn about each other's countries and cultures, Those for whom English is a foreign tongue have an opportunity to become fluent in the world's primary language.


These are usually of approximately 9 months duration and normally begin in September. Courses of only 3 or 6 months duration can be considered if there is sufficient demand for them, but we operate a normal school year with courses beginning in September and running until early June.

There will be an initial trial period of 4 weeks during which time the student can decide whether or not they wish to continue with the course and we have an opportunity to assess the student's suitability. Students may resign from the course at any time during this trial period but are advised to complete the first 4 weeks before finally deciding.

Students normally pass their BHS Stage 1 exam and their Riding & Road Safety Test (like a driving test but for riding horses on public roads) before the Christmas vacation. Stage 2 is taken in the new year. Your rate of progress is entirely up to yourself. As soon as we believe you are ready to take an exam, you will be encouraged to go in for it. It does depend largely on the level you are at when you start with us and your natural talent. When the Stage 3 Horse Knowledge & Care exam has been passed, students automatically will be entitled to their BHS GROOM'S CERTIFICATE, However, students keen to become instructors may take their Preliminary Teaching Test after completing Stage 2, When the student has passed this test and successfully completed Stage 3, it only remains for them to prepare a portfolio of their hours of teaching experience to satisfy the examiners and they then become a BHSAI - International Instructor Level 1. The student is supplied with a log book in which they will be required to enter details of all the teaching they do until their portfolio is complete.

To reach this level in 9 months requires a great deal of hard work and talent as we are attempting to do in 9 months what most other training centres take 2 years to achieve! However, students who do not achieve their goal before the summer vacation may, of course, return in September to complete their qualification.

Every assistance and encouragement will be given to those who study and try hard and we shall do everything we can to assist our students to achieve the high pass rate of which we are justly proud! It is not enough just to be able to carry out the various stable tasks - to pass the exams you must be able to do them competently and at a commercially viable speed! This requires much practice and explains why employers prefer people with BHS qualifications.

There is also the possibility of a scholarship to off-set accommodation charges for those students wishing to return after their summer vacation to complete their qualifications.

A range of instructional videos, various teaching aids and a comprehensive selection of textbooks are available to students to assist them in their studies. We have about 23 horses and ponies at our school, including a stallion, part-breds, cobs and ponies. Students will be expected to ride a variety of horses in order to widen their experience and improve their horsemanship.

COST: A Working Pupil pays for his/her tuition by assisting in the day-to-day running of the school. when not receiving instruction or attending lectures, for 5 and 1/2 days per week. It is this practical experience which will give our students the proficiency required to pass their exams. British students and students who are citizens of E.U. countries, are currently eligible for funding which subsidises the cost of their B.H.S. exams. All students, from both the U. K, and abroad, are required to pay for their food and accommodation at the current rate of 84.- per week. The cost of the B.H.S.exams is shown below. Students are accommodated together in a dormitory in the main house, with their own showers and toilet facilities. There is a common room where there is free tea/coffee/chocolate, T.V. video, table tennis etc. They also have the use of a clothes washing machine, tumble dryer and are provided with 3 meals a day. The proprietors, guests and students dine together so the food is of a high standard with a wide variety of dishes. The all-inclusive cost is 84.- per week,

HOLIDAYS: Students may return home at Christmas and Easter if they wish, but when Easter falls just prior to an exam it is advisable to take the holiday after the exam rather than before it.

BHS EXAMINATION FEES: The examination fees which are required by the British Horse Society are as follows:-


It is possible under certain circumstances to have these fees refunded on passing the exams.

Only members of the BHS may complete these examinations. Membership costs 44 - for those under 21 years of age and 59 - for those over 21, Among the many benefits enjoyed by members are Personal Liability Insurance cover up to 10 million and Personal Accident Insurance cover up to 15,000.


FEES & FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS: Payment for the first four weeks accommodation will become due from all students upon signing the Working Pupil Contract which will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application. After the trial period previously referred to, assuming mutual satisfaction, the first term's food and accommodation charge becomes due for payment. Thereafter, payments are required to be made, monthly in advance, by or before the last day of the preceding month. The funding is currently 100.- per exam, paid on production of the appropriate certificate, i.e. only on passing the exam.


When your application has been approved, you will receive two copies of our Working Pupil Contract - one for your records, the other to be counter-signed and returned to us together with payment for your first four weeks accommodation. The contract is in accordance with guide-lines set out by the British Horse Society.

A period of three months notice must be given by any student wishing to leave their course, as, after the trial period, students are expected to remain with the School for the period of their contract. Only in the event of sickness or injury will any refund of money, paid in advance for accommodation, be considered. Should a student wish to leave before the end of the period of notice, they may do so, but unless there are exceptional circumstances, no refund of money will be made for the period from the date of the student's departure until the end of the current month.

Student's behaviour to be detrimental to its smooth running or good reputation, or having a disruptive influence on the other students, the School reserves the right, if a written warning to the student has failed to correct the situation, to expel the pupil without refunding any of the money paid in advance.

We regret if these rules appear to be harsh, but we must guard against those who would enrol with us as a means of getting into the country and then try to get jobs involving horses, which, are not legally available to foreigners who have entered the country without a work permit.

It is recommended that students obtain a ring binder in which to file their lecture notes and also a copy of the "Manual of Horsemanship". However, both these items may be purchased from the School. Students will find that they have more than enough to carry with them coming from abroad. We would also like to point out that cupboard, drawer and wardrobe space is limited so students are requested to bring the minimum number of clothes with them,

Winters here in the far South-West of England tend to be wet rather than cold so wind-proof rain clothes are sufficient for winter wear, with perhaps a couple of warm sweaters for the rare occasions the temperature falls below freezing.

Application forms will be posted to you on receipt of a letter or email giving brief personal details including your height weight and riding experience. Please carefully consider your situation, finances etc. before completing it. We would much prefer you did it this way rather than apply to see if you are accepted and then consider how you are going to finance yourself during your training! It is recommended that students investigate sources of funding in their own countries. Financial assistance may be available to students studying abroad especially in an English speaking country.



Payment for the first 4 weeks accommodation will become due when the student signs the Working Pupil Agreement. After a trial period (see para. 2 below) assuming mutual satisfaction, the second months accommodation charge will become due for payment. Thereafter, payments are required to be made a month in advance i.e. before the last day of the preceding month. There is also the option of paying monthly, in advance, by Banker’s Order if preferred. A "month" is approximately 30 days - 360.

Fees may be paid by Bank Transfer to our account (details of which will be sent on request) monthly, or they may be paid by credit/debit card by giving the 16 figure number, the security number (the 3 figure number on the signature strip on the back of the card) the expiry date and the full name & address of the card holder.


There will be a Trial Period of 4 weeks during which time the Establishment will assess the Student and the Student will assess the Establishment. By the end of the third week there will be a meeting during which either party may terminate the Agreement. In such event no further fees need be paid and the Student may return home. Foreign students from countries NOT in the E.U. must return home, as they will no longer be fulfilling the primary condition of their Student Visa permitting entry into the U.K. i.e. they will no longer be a full-time student at our school. They may, of course, upon
returning to their homeland, seek student status elsewhere in the U.K. Unless for reasons of ill health or injury, students, if requested to do so, must complete their 4 weeks Trial Period before returning home, as the first weeks can be daunting, everything being so very unfamiliar. However, students are generally much happier once they get to know the system, the special English horse terms (which are not usually taught in school!) become more fluent in English, make friends with the other students and get over any initial homesickness.


A period of 30 days notice must be given by any student wishing to leave his/her course as, after the Trial Period, students are expected to remain at the school for the period of their Agreement. Only in the event of sickness or injury would we consider refunding any money paid in advance. Should a student wish to leave before the end of the period of notice. He/she may do so, but unless there are exceptional circumstances, no refund of money will be made for the period from the date of the student’s departure until the end of the period for which payment had been made.

Upon acceptance by the T.M. International School of Horsemanship, a Working Pupil Contract will be sent to you in duplicate, with a copy of this schedule attached to your copy.

T. M. International School of Horsemanship.


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